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Here at Shrum Solutions, we create products to solve everyday problems in the small shop. Follow us on Instagram to see our solutions in action. 


Savings in every cut

We all know this feeling. An expensive carbide endmill ruined by chipped corners. When using the whole flute length of the endmill is not feasible reduce your cost by using insert tooling

Milling tools

Our milling tools are all based on an ISO standard tcmt insert. We know the struggles of a small shop trying to keep an inventory of many different inserts. Our tooling system eliminates needing many different inserts. Additionally we include inserts for aluminum and steel with all our starter packs so your new milling tool is able to handle different materials day one.


TCMT inserts

Tcmt inserts are a free cutting  Positive geometry carbide insert . They are available in many different grades and chip breakers. They offer exceptionally low cutting forces and a good surface finish. Tcmt inserts are an excellent choice for machines with low spindle horsepower or compromised work holding and vibration prone  workpieces such as thin tough metals or plastics

Typical finishes

Surface finishes produced by our insert tooling is excellent. The sample in the picture is 304 Stainless steel  Follow recommended feeds and speeds for best surface finishes but with some experimentation textured finishes for special purposes such as putter faces are possible.


Special surface textures

With some experimentation custom surface txtures can be created. Sometimes used for asthetic purposes, Commonly used on putter faces.


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